Eye Hope Foundation

Rare disease day!

“Research brings hope to people living with a rare disease!”

Rare diseases are often chronic, progressive en life threatening.

That is the case with Wolfram syndrome!

Rare diseases are often forgetten, yet they form a large group! In the EU alone there are 30 milion peoples suffering a rare disease (6000 rare diseases), of wich 50% are children.
There is a need of scientific research to offer a better life to the many children and adults suffering a rare disease. 

To day there is no cure for Wolfram Syndrome!

Our fund, the Eye Hope Foundation, was able to start up scientific research at ULBrussel and KULeuven. It takes money to do so, a lot of money. Please support our fund, our battle. Help uw beat Wolfram syndrome. Make your monthly donation now! Your gift gives us hope, hope for Bertha and Victor!!