Eye Hope Foundation

'Expo Eyeopener' For Eye Hope Foundation on tv in Belgium

With her brother, Bertha thought of a plan to draw faces and then selling them for Eye Hope Foundation. With the gathered funds they wanted to help the scientific research on Wolfram Syndrome. 

EyeOpener is the result of their idea.

What if ... we invited a lot of children to make drawings, so we can make an exposition of those drawings? 

EyeOpener, is an exposition of artwork by famous artists and of drawings by children between 6 en 14 years old.

The theme of this exposition is "Distorted faces”, because Bertha sees things differently...


On Thursday the 21st of december 2017 this call will be on TV in Belgium, on the program "Iedereen Beroemd".

For praktical info : CLICK HERE

To watch the reportage on "Iedereen Beroemd" CLICK HERE: 


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