Eye Hope Foundation

Together with the French and the American parent organisation we have joined forces to support scientific research on Wolfram Syndrome financialy. That is why we present you this "Call for proposals".

Do you have a scientific project of do you want to start a project on finding a cure for Wolfram Syndrome, please send us your coordinates, so we can provide all the documents necessary for your submission. 

Deadline for submission is tuesday 20the of june 2017!





Donation by Tour Classique de Elderschans

Tour classique de Elderschans donated 500€ to Eye Hope Foundation after the first carriage walk of the new season. 

Last 30th of April the authentic tradition carriages drawn by horses and ponies and other equidae gave two presentations to the public.

All of this was made possible by the sponsoring of the catering by Hotel de Elderschans and the family Azimi. 

Thanks to Bert and Mieke and all of the carriage-friends!


Soroptimisten Eeklo stepping into the breach for Wolfram Syndrome

Earlier this week, Marianne Vandekerckhove (Moesjie of Victor), gave some explanation to serviceclub Soroptimisten from Eeklo / Meetjesland. 

It was a very fine evening with a interesting and fascinating audience! 

On top of the bill we received a beautifull donation of 1000 € to support the scientific research on Wolfram Syndrome.

Thanks to all the Soroptimists who helped to make this possible.