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Looking back on the beautiful event in Maldegem

On October 1st 2017 there were no efforts spared to organise the impressive horse-event in the Sint-Annapark in Maldegem and to raise money for the Eye Hope Foundation and for the scientific research on Wolfram syndrome.

One's heart stands still as mischief happens to a child. Everyone wants to see their children and grandchildren grow up healthy and happy. Children do not avoid disaster, not even those who are born clean, well and promising, not even those who haven't lived fully yet. Parents are powerless and the child does not understand what is happening. All people involved, the environment, the grandparents, the friends and family are overwhelmed by endless sorrow, which only gently fades over the years.

The 'Moesjie' and 'opa' of Victor have organised a grand and free horse-event in Maldegem at the Sint-Annapark in order to support scientific research. The city of Maldegem, the Menning-Association of Bruges, the BDA, the Schipdonkdrivers, many businessmen of Maldegem-Center, the serviceclub Soroptimists and some colleagues doctors of the family have been enthusiastic and helpfull to make it a unforgettable event. Numerous companies from the region helped by financial of material sponsorship to this big event.

The skillrace-course and the equestrian events that the antique carriages had to fullfill in the park were a unique experience for the supporters. 
The show of the mini-horses was an attraction and to see a horse whisperer in action was a sweet and moving rarity. The ponyrides, the cours by cones and the demonstration of the horsmen were magnificent. The whole was graced with hunting horn blowers, an aperitif concert of the Royal Fanfare from Adegem and supported by backgroundmusic chosen by DJ Hannes.

The sponsorship for charity has moved many people of Maldegem. It was a fantastic and unique happening, that was admired and tasted by everyone, with in the back of their minds the picture of a glossy, handsome, healthy and defenseless child.

Compassion graces a human being. The carriers of people are those who are the basement for each others and who help carry the weight of their sorrows, those who reach out with open hands to what transcends them and fold the hands (Thomas celebration). Maldegem gave the best of itselve.

The beautiful amount of €31,000 was gathered to bring the scientists a step closer to a solution for Wolfram syndrome 

To those who still want to support this cause: www.eyehopefoundation.org.

Photo Els Stevens. Text Marianne Posman.


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